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2011    Bachelor of Philosophy, specialization: systematic philosophy,     

             Faculty of Philosophy, "Ignatianum" Academy, Kracow


2013    MA in Cultural Studies, specialization: comparative studies                   of civilizations,

             Faculty of Philosophy, Centre for Comparative Studies

             of Civilisations, Jagiellonian University, Kracow                                                 

2018    Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, specialization: reception studies,

             Faculty of Polish Studies, University of, Warsaw




          Albert Camus in Polish Literary and Theater Culture

          in the Years 1945-2000

            Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw

Scientific    interests
  • History of intellectual culture

  • History of philosophy (existentialism)

  • Albert Camus Studies

  • History of anarchism

  • Social and cultural movements of the 20th century

  • Polish literary and theater culture

2012  Polish Language Teaching Internship


           the City Centre of Social Welfare in Krakow    


2013   Theater Promotor Internship

            Barakah Theater in Krakow

2014    Archivist/Editor 

            the Literature Department 

            of the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theater in Warsaw 


2015   Doctoral Internship

            "History of Polish Culture - XX Century – Theater"

            Section for Theatre and Performance

            Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw                                      

2015 - 2019

           Deputy editor-in-chief


           the reviewed scientific journal "Amor Fati"


2019    Researcher



             Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education 

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